Widespread use of conversion therapy as torture in Iran uncovered

A report researched and written by 6Rang uncovers the truth of the widespread use of conversion therapy against LGBTI+ in Iran. Named “Straitjacketed Identities: Reparative Therapy in Systematic Medical Abuse of Iran’s LGBT+ People”, is an extension of 6Rang’s previous research into the area.

Gathering data from 210 participants, 6Rang has demonstrated the realities faced by LGBTI+ people today. The report shows a shocking account of the youngest LGBTI+ individuals being forced or encouraged into conversion therapy by family members, friends, teachers, doctors, and other influential parties.

Conversion therapy for sexual orientation and gender identity is banned in many countries across the world. In fact, it is considered a form of medical abuse and torture. In Iran, it is a systematic issue, and its promotion begins at the highest levels of the Islamic Republic government.

The report shows that half of the participants underwent or were offered conversion therapy, a third of whom were under 18 at the time. The majority experienced negative side effects that have had life-long complications.

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