Rainbow 24/7 is the platform for mapping and responding to violence against Iranian LGBTI+ individuals and its main goal is to protect and promote the exercise of human rights in Iran.

Rainbow 24/7 empowers LGBTI+ individuals in Iran with (1) a 24/7 service for reporting incidents of violence and receiving emergency support, legal help, and psychological counseling. The provision of psychological and legal counseling has been made possible as a result of the cooperation efforts between Rainbow 24/7, Rainbow Counselling Centre, and Dastgiri (the Counseling Center for Civil and Political Activists); and (2) advocacy support with and on behalf of these victims using national and international mechanisms.

The Rainbow 24/7 platform, for the first time in Iran, gives LGBTI+ persons a platform to easily and anonymously communicate to the world about the human rights violations they experience on a daily basis at home, work, school, in public, and at the hands of the state. 

This platform allows for individual reports to be aggregated into a comprehensive body of evidence substantiating the scope and scale of the problem that LGBTI+ persons face in Iran as a result of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Reports will be widely promoted and publicized through traditional and social media and used in advocacy campaigns surrounding individual cases pending before national and international bodies.

This platform will increase awareness of the lack of respect for human rights of the LGBTI community in Iran, and promote accountability for the violation of the human rights of LGBTI individuals in Iran. In doing so, the platform accomplishes its goal of elevating the human rights of LGBTI individuals in Iran as a cause of public concern and policy priority, thus directly addressing the societal and legal barriers to respecting the human rights of this marginalized group.

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Due to concerns over the safety, security, and personal requirements of victims and allies, most of the data and published incidents has been anonymised or altered. As such, the aggregated data reported under the thematic reports may slightly differ from some searches conducted on the live data.