After a year of Jina’s murder by the “Morality police”

Almost a year has passed since the murder of Jina (Mahsa) Amini by the government and the uprising of the Iranian people. Jina Amini was killed three days after her arrest on 16 September 2022 by the morality police of the Islamic Republic of Iran for what they call non-observance of the (compulsory) hijab.

6rang, (the Iranian Lesbians and Transgenders Network) believes that the rights and demands of the members of the LGBT+ community in Iran are the same as other people’s demands, such as the removal of the compulsory hijab, the dismantling of systematic corruption, the observance of the rights of women and workers, and the dismantling of discrimination and oppression from all oppressed classes. The marginalised, such as sexual and gender minorities, ethnic, religious minorities, etc., should be placed in the headlines of national demands and pursued seriously.

“How did the Jina revolution change your life?”

Therefore, 6rang believes that the realisation of democracy is possible only by guaranteeing the fundamental rights of all marginalised groups. To achieve this, in the coming days, we ask everyone not to fail to help the voice of the Iranian people to become more and more powerful, and we say to all those who have not stopped fighting in Iran in all these years despite the many dangers. Your struggles promise a bright future for all the people of our country. Young people, women, and members of the LGBT+ community are the hope of the future; do not let despair enter our ranks.

United and connected for freedom and liberation, we stand until the end.