The unveiling of the 6rang research report “War on bodies and minds”

The information on the harassment of sexual and gender minorities in the revolutionary uprising “Women, Life, Freedom” at the side event of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

September 15, a report on the presence of LGBT+ protests in the Jina’s revolution, who have been the target of extreme violence and repression due to their sexual orientation, identity, and gender expression compared to the rest of the people – who were closer to the norms of the society.
This report shows that spreading hatred against sexual and gender minorities by high-ranking officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran has fueled the brutality of unpunished crimes against this community.

سخنرانی شادی امین در مراسم رونمایی از گزارش «جنگ علیه جسم و جان»

In this meeting, which was held with the help of the ILGA International Organization and Justice for Iran Organization, the representatives of Ireland, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Israel, United States of America, Iceland, France, Belgium and Finland, etc., as well as representatives A member of the UN fact-finding committee,Iranian and international human rights organisations were present.
The publication of this report was a great success in bringing the voice of Iran’s LGBTQ+ community to one of the most important international human rights events.
Thanks to everyone who made it possible with your reports to us, companionship, and cooperation in preparing and publishing this critical report. We are pleased that we were able to raise the voice of the LGBTQ+ community of Iran in such an important event.
Attracting the attention of the international community in adjusting its approach and relations with the Islamic Republic is one of the essential reasons that we should raise awareness of the violation of the rights of this community at the international level. We are proud that we had a small role in this matter.
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